How to import Tundra Pilot kmz data into ForeFlight

Step 1

(Apple instructions)

Using the Files app, find your iCloud downloads. Uncompress the zip folder. For the Explorer’s Package, open the folder to view individual files. If your device has ForeFlight installed, you’ll see the ForeFlight logo displayed on each file. If not, you may see a generic kmz file logo instead. Select a file to import.

Step 2

Select the share button at the lower left corner.

Step 3

Select the ForeFlight icon.

Step 4

Select “Custom Content.”

Step 5

Select “Custom Map Layers.”

Step 6

You should see the pop-up message, “Import Success.” Select “OK.”

Step 7

To view the data on the ForeFlight map, click the ForeFlight base map and data overlay drop-down list at the upper left corner. Tundra Pilot’s data will be located at the bottom of the right column.

Select the data to turn it on or off.

Step 8

Airstrips will appear as custom map shapes (points). Click on the point to view the airstrip name, detailed airstrip information, to fly direct-to, or to add to a route. Click the “More Details” button to review the information shown below.

Step 9

Review information such as airstrip length (ft), elevation (ft), type, notes, etc.

For more info, see user support documentation provided by ForeFlight.