Bush Pilot Training

Alaskan Traditions

Our tailwheel flight training dives deep into the art of bush flying. Guided by Alaskan traditions and techniques, we focus on the essential knowledge and skills required to safely land on natural features such as gravel bars, beaches, glaciers, and tundra.

Emphasis is on a fly-by-feel, eyes-out-the-window approach that teaches pilots how to rely on their observations, instincts, and experience. We use instructional tools such as slow-motion video, spot landing practice, natural feature assessment, and short sessions for focused learning.

What you’ll learn

You’ll develop the skills to safely operate in demanding off-airport environments. The goal is to increase knowledge and improve consistency through individualized instruction, direct experience, and post-flight analysis.

Course sessions focus on incremental training and methods of practice that will help advance your off-airport skills and build confidence.

Locations and schedule

Schedules vary with location, season, weather, river levels, and other factors. Our primary training locations are northwest Washington and southcentral Alaska. Training progression is subject to student proficiency.

If the weather is not flyable for a scheduled session that includes airwork, we will proceed with ground instruction at a reduced rate.

On-Airport Training

Bush Pilot Ground School


This course provides an introduction and overview of important topics related to bush flying in Alaska with emphasis tailored to each student’s interest. It is meant for both pilots and passengers. Gain valuable insights and expand knowledge for conducting bush flight operations in Alaska. Prepare to fly your airplane to Alaska.

Introduction to Bush Flying


Introduce and practice critical skills including airspeed control, spot landings, and hazard awareness. Record takeoff and landing data. Establish a baseline of proficiency and aircraft performance at an airport environment, before flying in the mountains or maneuvering low-level on the river.

Bush Flying Basic Methods


PREREQUISITE: BF01 or instructor approval and proficiency check.

Prepare for off-airport operations. Practice safe low-level maneuvering flight. Learn to assess bush strips and natural features. Apply non-standard pattern plans and approach strategies. Practice aerial airstrip measuring. Perform consistent spot landings. Minimize landing roll and takeoff distances. Practice wheel landings, tail-up braking, dynamic use of power, and bounce recovery.

Off-Airport Training

Gravel Bar Ops – Dual


PREREQUISITE: BF02 or instructor approval and proficiency check.

Continue developing skills and knowledge through ground instruction and flying in an off-airport environment in the student’s airplane. Learn low-level river flying, and gravel bar assessment skills through dual flight training.

Gravel Bar Ops – Flight of Two


PREREQUISITE: GB01 or instructor approval and proficiency check.

Continue developing skills and learn new techniques through real-world practice in the off-airport environment. Solo gravel bar landings, video recording of landings and takeoffs. Flight of two.

Ready to fly?

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BG01 - Bush Pilot Ground School

$ 875

7 hours.

BF01 - Introduction to Bush Flying

$ 875

7 hours. Includes media and a training plan.

BF02 - Bush Flying Basic Methods

$ 875

7 hours. Includes media and a training plan.

GB01 - Gravel Bar Ops – Dual

$ 1,075

7 hours. Includes up to two hours of flying (dual).

GB02 - Gravel Bar Ops: Flight of Two

$ 1,400

7 hours. Includes up to two hours of flying (flight of two).

AK02 - Gravel Bar / Bush Strip Ops in Alaska: Flight of Two

$ 2,175

8 hours. Includes up to three hours of flying (flight of two).